Solidarity in the European Union

What principles of social solidarity ought to apply between states and citizens of the European Union? An analysis from the philosopher Andrea Sangiovanni.

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The Youth and the Poor, Principal Victims of the Crisis in Rich Countries

The data we present here come from an OECD report, "Income Inequality Update", June (...)

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Social Protection Inequality in the World remain High

27% of the global population enjoys access to comprehensive social security systems, (...)

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Contre les inégalités : il faut agir au niveau européen

L’Union européenne ne peut prendre aucune décision ou réglementation dans le domaine (...)

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Reduction in Income Inequality Faltering

Inequality of disposable incomes in Germany has decreased slightly since its peak in (...)

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Scientific Research

The UN Agenda against poverty

The agenda setting of the fight against poverty belongs to the long-term cooperation (...)

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Poverty and Health

What about the relationship between poverty and health status ? The causal relation (...)

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Polls and opinions

Que pensent les Européens des inégalités hommes/femmes ?

L’enquête datée de mars 2012 interroge le rapport des Européens aux inégalités (...)

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Les Hongrois pleurent ensemble et stagnent ensemble

Comme indiqué dans des articles précédents, la moitié de la population hongroise (...)

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Inequality Watch ?

Inequality Watch, the European observatory of inequality, is a network resulting from the desire of associations and research centres to observe the state and evolution of inequality in Europe. It is the first independent information network for inequality in Europe.

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