Ethical Justifications of Social Europe

Is a European Social union desirable? According to Antoon Vandevelde, arguments in favor of the implementation of egalitarian social justice at a national scale can be expanded to supranational institutions like the EU.

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The Wealth per inhabitant in Europe

With a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per inhabitant of 12 100 Euros [1], Bulgaria is (...)

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Education and lifelong learning in Europe

Early leavers from education In 2013, 11.9% of young Europeans from 18 to 24 years (...)

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An EU Perspective On Wage Inequality

It is still far-fetched to speak about a single European labour market but the very (...)

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Income Levels in European Union

Income [3] inequality between European populations is significant, especially between (...)

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Scientific Research

Crisis and Inequality in Europe

The development of inequality Inequality in Europe has two dimensions: (a) (...)

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Les inégalités sociales entre Européens : un état des lieux

Le thème des inégalités sociales est au centre de nouvelles attentions depuis la crise (...)

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News from the network

Inequality Watch ?

Inequality Watch, the European observatory of inequality, is a network resulting from the desire of associations and research centres to observe the state and evolution of inequality in Europe. It is the first independent information network for inequality in Europe.

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